There were 3 of us in the pilot program. I teach Kindergarten, Mary teaches First Grade and Amy teaches Third.  We became very quickly versed in the lifeline of the syncing cable.  iPads are quickly becoming the hottest technology in education;  however, their creation was intended for individual use.  Adding multiple apps became our immediate challenge.  We quickly became pros at plugging in and syncing our class sets.  Our mantra was “Time to sync the iPads”.   We kept our Apple Systems Engineer on speed dial.

What was amazing was 3 days after giving the students the iPads we were visited by our district leadership and the children demonstrated their complete mastery of them.  My 5 year old students were schooling these adults in terminology. “It’s not a GAME.  It’s an APP.”  These digital natives showed their stuff and pushed the 8 visitors in suits into a stunned silence.

We were on our way.  Over the remaining months in the 2011 school year, my students would become impeccable hosts and hostesses as we had visitors coming to see the iPads in use.

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