Here We Go…

“What’s a girl have to do around here to get an iPad?”  That question, posed to a friend in the technology department of our district in October 2010, has catapulted me into the realm of iPads in education.  3 months after the initial inquiry, I had 30 iPads delivered to my classroom with no rules, no plan and endless possibilities.

The initial training was brief.  I, along with 2 other colleagues in my school, were selected to serve as pilot teachers for 1:1 iPads.  We met with a Systems Engineer from Apple and in a few short hours we had our Mac book, our iPads, and our mission:    Go forth, be fruitful and multiply…

And so it begins

3 thoughts on “Here We Go…

  1. Wow we have come a long way in a year! Hard to imagine where we started just a year ago! And now we have 5,000 deployed!

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