There’s An App for That!

And indeed there is…whatever your heart desires, rest assured there’s an app.  One of my challenges was finding appropriate apps for my students.  I found many I liked and many that were well, awful inappropriate.  App regret is completely fixable.  You simply delete it from the account.  I currently have over 100 apps categorized in folders for student use.  We have apps for pleasure reading, leveled books, math, spelling, phonics, writing, music, drawing, science and sight words.

My students can read leveled books during Reading Workshop.  LAZ leveled books in the app store is a great resource for Just Right Books for students. We use these books quite a bit. There are vocabulary words and comprehension questions at the end of the stories.

I have found that through the use of the apps, I can differentiate instruction for the varying needs of my students.  With a large class size, it is often difficult to meet the individual needs of students.  The iPad apps, along with strong instruction in the classroom, provide my students with the ability to progress at their own pace.  Advanced students may move on without being held back by those students who need extra help.  Those who need more practice may do so without being rushed by those ready to move on.

2 thoughts on “There’s An App for That!

  1. Hello Kristi!
    I had to visit your website after our 1:1 Learning meeting today. I am convinced that this path of instruction has unlimited possibilities and using the technology to differentiate instruction makes perfect sense. Thanks so much for generously sharing your work and expertise. I look forward to
    being a part of the innovative ways we can restructure the delivery of instruction and professional development!!!!!
    Mary Runyon
    West Ashley High

    • Mary,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am fascinated about the possibilities iPads bring to the table. After 24 years of teaching, I find it rejuvenating and exciting to be in the classroom using them.

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