DocAS App and the SC EdTech Conference

Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life-Henry L. Doherty

I’ve just returned from presenting at the SC Ed Tech conference.  I went to share how I use iBooks Author in my classroom.  I have written about it here previously.  It was great to see a standing room only crowd and have so much positive feedback from the audience.  However, while I went to share my knowledge, I also went to learn something new.  What better place to do that than a technology conference?

One of the apps I saw is DocAS.  It was presented at the conference by a colleague of mine as “Pages on Steroids”.  It is regularly $4.99, but right now it is on sale for .99.  DocAS DocAS lets your take notes, sketch your ideas, annotate your PDF, do your presentations, read your documents, record your classes or meetings, and share your ideas on your iPad, All in one.

Here are some highlights of the app:

Access your documents from any sources: Mac/PC Desktop (Wi-Fi), Dropbox, Box, Google_Drive, Email, FTP, WebDAV, build-in browser, other Apps and more.
✔ Built-in viewer supports reading PDF, MS Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) and Apple iWork files (Numbers, Pages, Keynote), RTF, Text, photos…
✔ Merge, Clone, Move, Sort, Export , Rename your documents
✔ Powerful file manager with sub-folder support
✔ Password protect for your document and folder
✔ Trash bin support – double-protect your document
✔ Documents downloading indicator and new document indicator

✔ Highlight text with different colors to emphasize your important sentences
✔ Fill and Sign your PDF forms with beautiful handwriting ink
✔ Add text notes and picture in your PDF
✔ Add Bookmark
✔ Reorganize your PDF page
✔ Insert new page in your PDF
✔ Add comments on your PDF
✔ Sign your email attachment with opening your PDF from Mail App
✔ Text search in PDF
✔ Audio memo and stick note for PDF
✔ URL link in PDF

Multiple audio memo is supported
✔ Insert audio note anywhere in page
✔ Move the audio note location along with your annotation

There are many more highlights!  I am excited about having my students use this app to download documents from my class wiki and then work with the documents in DocAS.  Since Pages doesn’t currently upload to PaperPort Everywhere and DocAS does, this is particularly attractive.  I’ve used GoodNotes previously, but like DocAS better.

I will be sharing a few other conference ideas in coming posts.

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