Press the Reset Button

Definition of Reset: 1:to set again or anew  2: to change the reading of, often to zero- Miriam-Webster Dictionary

Starting a new school year with young children requires starting anew with our kindergarten curriculum.  It means ending the previous year with children reading and writing and taking charge of their own learning then starting completely over again with children who not only don’t know classmates’ names but some still don’t know MY name.

After 23 days of school, it is easy to think we are in a groove.  Most know routines and procedures and most are figuring this whole school-thing out.  But the key word here is most. It is key because by definition, most is not all.  Yes, I still have some who are still trying to make sense of our day.  I still have some who don’t know where some things go or where to find other things.  As an adult, it is easy to think that after 23 days of school, these children should have it all together.  They should know how to turn the volume down on their iPads, how to find the math folder on the iPad, how to put it to sleep and put it away quickly.  Right?

Ah…time to hit the Reset Button.  They really don’t know how to do those things yet.  It can take up to 70 repetitions for young children to fully make a concept permanent.  It is difficult, at times, for me to reset.  Ending the previous year on such an instructional “roll” and then starting back over from zero is part of the kindergarten teacher territory, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It helps that those children in the class who do know how to do many things are more than willing to help their friends who can’t.

As we start a new week, it is important to remember it is only our 5th full week of school.  We are 5 years old and while we learn most things very quickly, most is not all. By slowing down and making sure all are ready with these basic skills in all areas, we can then speed up with minimal disruption.  Am I preaching to myself?  Most definitely.  But I’m pretty sure there are others out there who, like me, need to push the reset button and start today, Monday, with a fresh set of expectations.

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6 thoughts on “Press the Reset Button

  1. While I teach older students, I am teaching a more severe disability level this year and it’s been a challenge. I can totally relate to your idea of a “reset” button. I pushed mine last week and things have been amazing ever since.

  2. Oh, Kristi, Kristi, Kristi … my iPad teacher group met last week and I found myself trying to explain to a group of mostly upper grade teachers how very different using iPads in September of kinder is from using iPads in April of kinder (which is when I got them last year). I, too, should have hit the reset button, but I thought I would start at the beginning of my iPad lessons and all would be well. No, no, no .. I had to create new lessons for these new kinder kids. I did reset today and it was much better. So very glad to know that I am not the only one who forgot to dial way back. Many thanks!
    An Open Door

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