All You Need Is Love

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. -Voltaire

This has been Teacher Appreciation Week at my school.  I have been thanked and celebrated, hugged and showered with flowers and gifts.  And…food.  I mean, nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven right?  My cup overflows.

While I have enjoyed receiving all of the love this week, I have appreciations of my own. One of the treats of teaching 5 year old children is their unending capacity for love and learning.  I love the buzz of activity in the classroom punctuated by hearty belly laughs that only children can do without the burden of self-consciousness.  I love how they aren’t afraid to try new things.  I love that even though we have these awesome iPads, and there is ongoing debate about whether they are worth the investment, and visitors come and go on a regular basis to see the iPads in action, these children are unimpressed with the hoopla surrounding them.  They just want to get to work. I love how they think it’s just another day in kindergarten, learning, singing, reading, writing, building with blocks, painting, tattling, adding, and subtracting with their teachers, their friends, and oh yes, iPads.

I also love the support from parents, my administrators, Apple, and the school district I have had the last 12 months implementing the iPads in the classroom.  All have been unwavering in assisting me with whatever I needed.  My school administrators and the district have trusted my judgment and given me plenty of latitude to be successful.  The parents have shown interest in the project, kept up with the apps we have and many have purchased them on their own iPads or iPhones at home.  They have asked questions and educated themselves so they can better help their children at home.

In the presence of all of this love, how can these children possibly fail?  Sadly, it is possible.  Future teachers of these children will help determine their love of learning.  As my little peeps get ready to leave me, I can appreciate the amount of work I have put into nurturing them and can only hope their future teachers will love them like I have.

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8 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love

  1. Wow, you are a teacher and you use iPad’s in the classroom. You ROCK!! You see, my wife is a teacher as well. She has been substitute teaching in Berkeley County for years. She is working on her second Masters degree in (something to do with reading and literacy lol) and hopefully will be certified in June or July after she takes her 2nd Praxis. Katy already took her Praxis for Special Ed, ED and Cross Cat. This next Praxis I believe is for general ED. I have a special place in my heart for teachers and teachers that love to use technology to assist them in a very difficult job. I am going to forward the link to your blog to Katy so she can subscribe. I will be subscribing to your blog as well. I am thankful to Angie for introducing us to you. God bless

    • James,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Your wife sounds very busy! Hopefully she will find something in my blog that is helpful. Literacy in young children is definitely one of my passions!

  2. Kristi, I agree with James, YOU ROCK. I have never known a teacher with so much passion and the deep desire to give and give and give. To make sure the children who cross over her threshold, leave with educated skills and knowledge that matter in today’s world. Your post about teaching kids for technology that we don’t even know about today, that will be forthcoming, is prudent in building up and preparing for their generation. You are truly appreciated!!

  3. You are truly an amazing teacher! It saddens me to think that my little girl is almost finished her kindergarten year! I have loved seeing her flourish with her reading, writing, and math skills! You have definitely prepared her for first grade. She has taught me things! I hope her first grade year will be just as nurturing and adventurous as this school year. She told me last night that she wanted to be back in your class next year:) And YES, YOU ROCK!!!Thanks for ALL you do!

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