Kristi with kids

2 thoughts on “Kristi with kids

  1. Hi, Kristi.

    Does this program go over well in inner-city schools?

    Do schools pay for the iPads or would parents be required to buy them?

    Kindergarten kids can be pretty active, at least they were when I was that age, what happens if a student accidentally breaks his or her iPad, or if the iPad were stolen? Would a school under this program replace it?

    If a parent is required to supply an iPad for their child and instead allowed the child to use the parents’ iPad, isn’t there a potential security risk if the iPad is stolen (access to email, personal information, credit card info)?

    Does this program replace personal interaction with other children, ultimately mitigating development of social skills?

    Thank you!


    • Brandon, iPads works well with every student…inner city or not. The school district purchased our iPads as a pilot program for the district. Each student in our school has one, provided by the district. We have very little breakage, but when one is cracked, the district has Apple Care on each one and it is repaired/replaced. The iPads at our school do not go home, however the high schools and middle schools with iPads take them home. There is a small insurance policy on each iPad in the event of it being stolen or lost for those that go home.
      The iPads are a tool for learning. Social skills have been enhanced through cooperative learning projects. It is not a detriment at all to personal interaction.

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